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Significant roles played by labor unions in the United States

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  1. Abstract
  2. Understanding labor unions
  3. The importance of labor unions in future
  4. The decreasing level of labor union membership
  5. Argument against labor unions
  6. New trend of merging different labor unions
  7. Importance and significance of labor unions
  8. The role of political parties in labor unions
  9. Issues related to discrimination at the workplace
  10. Labor unions and resolving discrimination
  11. Educating and training union members
  12. Conclusion
  13. References

This research paper examines significant roles played by the labor unions in the United States. A declining rate of union membership has been seen during the last few decades. Globalization, outsourcing jobs, economical changes, and new technological advancements, and inactive roles of labor unions themselves are few strong factors responsible for declining rate of union membership. On the other hand, labor unions have also adopted new strategic ways to re-organize their efforts and operations. Labor unions have played a significant role in improving the employees' working conditions, issue of minimum wage, safety, and working environment. New reforms and working structure are also needed within different labor unions to make them more effective. Different labor unions are also thinking to merge with each other which can provide more efficiency and effectiveness within unions.

[...] Need of labor unions is still valid in this today's world. Absence of labor unions can create huge problems for organizations and employees. References Bacon, D. (2009). A radical vision for today's labor movement. Monthly Review: An Independent Socialist Magazine Retrieved from EBSCO Academic Search Complete database (36268360). Bok, D. (1971). Reflections on the distinctive character of American labor laws. Harward Law Review Retrieved from EBSCO Academic Search Complete database (8613641). Clark, K. (2005). Disorganized labor. U.S. News and World Report Retrieved from EBSCO Academic Search Complete database (17355225). [...]

[...] Despite decreasing level of labor union membership in the United States, labor unions have also played significant and innovative roles to maximize organizational values. Schwab and Thomas (1998), mention that shareholder activism is an example of new and innovative ways applied by labor unions to strengthen their power and influence. For example, in 1997, labor unions played a very important role by supporting a shareholder's resolution to cap executive base salaries at $ 1 million for General Electric. Another example is related to Teamsters labor union which participated in the publication of a list of least valuable directors of different companies. [...]

[...] Labor unions can not only help in resolving discrimination related issues but unions can also play significant role in protecting women's rights at the workplace. In 2006, Hodges mentioned that according to a recent resolution passed by the AFL-CIO Executive Council, labor unions will be responsible and accountable for meeting diversity standards at the workplace. It has been observed that between 1980 and 2000, there is an increase of about twenty million working women having ages more than 25 at the workplace. [...]

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