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Is Law Patriarchal?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Feminism
  3. Traditional patriarchy
  4. Conclusion

When one discusses the idea of patriarchy, it is important to establish what this actually means. In most people's minds, it is the idea of male dominance, and consequently the subordination of women. If this is the true definition, then we can find lots of examples in law of this ? Men had all property rights over children in the 18th/19th Centuries, women only became voters after World War Two and even more recently, rape in marriage was not accepted until 1992 with the case of R. However, in more modern times it becomes clear that society is shifting away from this dominance over women, and now perhaps patriarchy in law can be defined as dominance over minority groups of men, for example homosexuals. To answer the question ?is law patriarchal?, one needs to establish whether this shift has occurred in law, and that the previous gender roles have in fact been reversed.

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