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Business Law - The Contract

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  1. The contract between Mandy and Limited Horizon
  2. What remedies could use Mandy?

A contract has been concluded between an undergraduate student in moder language, Mandy, and Limited Horizons Holiday. The company wanted to engage Mandy to act as its representative for its Majorcan Culture Holidays, for a summer season, for a sum of £3.000 and accommodation, food and travelling expenses. The problem is that in the contract, it was written that the term requires Mandy to attend a total of five training days before commencing the job. But some of these trainings were held during her examination, consequently, she just managed to attend on three days. 10 days before her departure the company informed her that she will not be needed. Mandy, even if she found another job at a corner shop, less paid, she decided to go to Majorca. Over there, she stayed there the entire summer, at the same hotel that was mentioned in the contract with Limited Horizon Holiday. On her return to the UK, she asks to the company payment of the £3.000, and also she wants the reimbursement of her expenses of £4.000. The question is to know whether the company will be bound to pay this sum.

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