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The Civil Rights Act of 1964

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  1. The way of life before the Civil Right Acts of 1964
  2. Equal rights for women

In the 1960's, our country went through many significant transformations. The Civil Rights Acts of 1964 which was passed by President Lyndon Johnson gave enormous rights to black people, women, all ethnic groups, and the Act made it illegal to discriminate against people for trivial reasons. Today, we take these rights for granted and often do not appreciate the hardships that other Americans have been through in order to provide us with rights. In the 1960's, this Act made our nation freer by making discrimination at work illegal, and setting a standard that today can be viewed as common sense.

[...] In order to properly understand this radical change of mind, we must analyze carefully the way of life before the Civil Right Acts of 1964 and the way it changed in the 1960's. Before the 1960's, most white people would not view blacks as equals and segregation was very common in the South. This was a mindset that was developed over generations of racism, and it would seem probable that a man or woman with parents who discriminate against black people would develop the same views. [...]

[...] They felt that it was their right as American citizens to be granted these privileges, and that it was unconstitutional to segregate. Women too had protested against discrimination in the workplace, and they too were granted new privileges. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made our country freer in the sense that it gave more rights to our citizens. Our citizens are the most important resource that our country has to offer, and to give them the privileges that they deserve was an essential task in the 1960's. [...]

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