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Competition law

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  1. American Law
    1. History of the American competition regulation
    2. Competent authority
    3. Prohibition of Horizontal agreements (section 1 of the Sherman Act)
    4. Mergers and integration (section 7 of the Clayton Act)
    5. Consumers protection
    6. Consumer credit
  2. English Law
    1. History of the English competition regulation
    2. Competent authorities
    3. Prohibited practices
  3. Antitrust laws in the European Union
    1. The European Union Background
    2. Summary of laws and comparison to United States Antitrust Law

Competition law has different forms of laws according to the causes of concern it has in various countries. The first aspect of its function is to protect individuals, consumers, against the power of monopolies or different corporations, and against agreements on various levels of production and distribution. The second aspect is to disperse power and redistribute wealth, that is, protect smaller firms from the larger ones. The latter view, upheld in the United States until the 1950s, has been criticized by the so-called 'Chicago School' economic experts who deemed competition law should first and foremost increase consumer welfare without impeding an efficient allocation of resources. Besides, the trend reduced the stringency of ant-itrust laws, which was accompanied by the deregulation process. 1890 and 1948 are respectively marked in the United States and in the United Kingdom as the starting points for the creation of statutes and institutions to protect consumers, and as early as the 13th century, common law courts gave decisions which were landmarks for the restraint of the trade doctrine in both countries, where, for many years the 'buyer beware' principle was applied. Competition law in the United States shall be dealt with first, since this country initiated the process of legislation to ensure fair trading. First the American Competition law will be presented and then the English Competition law will be presented to end the Anti-trust laws in the European Union.

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