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Law of contract

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  1. The loan
  2. The lease
  3. The suite of furniture
  4. The caterer

Kathy, aged 17, decided to leave home because she did not get on with her parents. Over the next three week she entered into different agreement. This paper will discuss the legal effects of these agreements. Firstly, she borrowed £500 from her older brother to tide over until she could find a job, and then she took a two-year lease on a bed-sit, paying for three months' Rent in advance. Moreover, by pretending she was 21, she ordered a £700 suite of furniture from Palatial Pads Ltd on 12 months interest-free credit, and, she also set up a home catering business and immediately agreed to cater for 100 persons attending a 21st birthday party for a price of £300. She insisted on £100 deposit. As the day for the party approached, she found that she had taken on too much work for one person, so she called her customers on the afternoon of the party to say that she will not be able to do the catering after all.

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