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The need for moral rights for animals

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  1. Michael Pollan identifies the relationship between animals and humans
  2. Tom Regan argues the case for animal rights

Animals are a crucial part of our society. However, they are not respected in this manner. Most people do not recognize or appreciate their existence. Several authors have observed the schizoid quality in the relationship between humans and animals. An Animal's Place by Michael Pollan and The Case for Animal Rights by Tom Regan are examples of authors examining the relationship between animals and human. Each author uses different methods, with slight similarities, to illustrate an argument in favor of changing the manner in which animals are handled.

[...] Michael Pollan identifies the relationship between animals and humans to illustrate the need for moral rights for animals. He specifically outlines discrimination against animals or speciesism. According to Pollan, animal rights are equal to civil rights, gay rights, and women rights. Animals deserve moral consideration. Culture, tool making, language and even possibly self-consciousness are not the exclusive domain of Homo sapiens. Additionally, the schizoid quality to our relationship with animals is identified by Pollan. We only care about animals that are pets. [...]

[...] Tom Regan argues the case for animal rights. He identifies that some animals deserve just treatment. The animals included are those that meet his ?subject-of-a-life? criteria. This includes individuals and animals that have beliefs and desires; perception, memory, and a sense of the future, including their own future; an emotional life together with feelings of pleasure and pain; preference- and welfare-interests; the ability to initiate action in pursuit of their desires and goals; a psychophysical identity over time; and an individual welfare. [...]

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