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Property claims in civil law

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    1. Optical memory
    2. Brief history
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The concept of ownership and claim appears as very difficult at first sight. Indeed, as per the existing civil law, ownership is the absolute right on one thing: it is termed as a real right. However, the claim is a legal relationship between two or more people thus requiring one to give or not to do something to each other. It is a personal right. Then how to design a real right on a personal right? This would require at least this report to be considered a personal thing. The question comes naturally: A debt is something appropriated to a particular person, in addition is it a personal right? Distinguish between real right and personal right comes directly from the interpretation of Roman texts by commentators. Thus, the same problem arises in terms of Roman law. Claims and property have not always existed in the same form as those that have been transmitted by the commentators.

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