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Abortion Debate

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  1. Introduction
  2. The pro choice platform in the debate
  3. The pro life platform and their arguments against abortion
  4. Alternatives to abortion
  5. The contraceptive alternative
  6. Conclusion

Throughout history there has been an ongoing struggle over abortion. The process of terminating a baby did not sit well with some and thus a debate arose. Advocates of free choice clashed with those who stood by more traditional ideals. Throughout the debates lifetime very little progress has been achieved due to the inability to compromise on either side. Throughout the debate on abortion, economics have served to fuel the controversy and create several alternative methods.

[...] The debate over abortion has been widely discussed since ancient times. No one platform is correct and a number of alternatives have been presented. With economics taking part in people's arguments, no end is in sight. The pro life platform, with their considerably conservative views, shows no signs of compromise with their liberal counterpart, the pro choice movement. The pro life activists mainly strive for state and federal legislative reform. The pro choice platform on the other hand attempts to keep things the way they are. [...]

[...] One obvious alternative to abortion is stated by Ontario Consultants and is to ?take no action, have the baby and raise This alternative is in this writer's opinion the worst one of all. This alternative not only burdens the mother but ruins the life of the child due to a deficit of love and care in the environment. Another alternative that is slightly better than the former is adoption. With this the mother is no longer burdened by the child and has no responsibility for them. [...]

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