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Notice of option to purchase real estate (Residential)

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  1. Option price.
  2. Option period.
  3. Option consideration.
  4. Entry.
  5. Other conditions.
  6. Optionee.
  7. Optionor.
  8. Verification.

Assigns - The Optionee may assign and convey his/her interest in this "Contract" or any part thereof provided, however, that such assignment or conveyance should not result in any impairment of Optionor's position.
Optionor, intending to bind Optionor, Optionor's heirs, successors and assigns, in consideration of the services being provided as described in the Option to Purchase Agreement that are valued at $__________ for the purposes of this contract, grants to the Optionee, Optionee's heirs, successors, assigns or representatives the exclusive right and option to purchase all of that certain parcel of land, together with all improvements located theron (collectively, the ?Property?) in the City of ______________________________, County of ___________, State of North Carolina, and more particularly described as follows.

[...] service or in certified mail, return receipt requested, at the following address: Optionor Address: 5. ENTRY: During the Option Period, Optionee and those reasonably designated by the Optionee may, with reasonable advance notice to Optionor, enter the property to inspect, survey and appraise the Property. [...]

[...] Optionee or assigns shall be responsible for the repair of any damage done to the property during any such entry OTHER CONDITIONS: THERE IS NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED LEGAL VALIDITY OR ADEQUACY OF ANY PROVISION OF THIS FORM IN ANY SPECIFIC [...]

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