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De republica anglorum, Sir Thomas Smith

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  1. The end of Feudalism : a rise of the Parliament's power
  2. Parliament's powers that are controlled by the Monarch : Head of the Realm in a political way

This text is extracted from DE REPVBLICA ANGLORVM, 1565, by Sir Thomas Smith, a fiery protestant. He focused upon two main monarchs, Edward VI and Elizabeth I. They both belonged to the Tudor dynasty. In 1547, Edward VI became King of England, at the age of nine, and on his death in 1553, Mary I, daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon was crowned. On her death, Elizabeth I, daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, became Queen. England became a modern nation-state under the Tudor monarchs. The nobility was disarmed, the church nationalized, and overseas trade and colony-taking encouraged. It was a period of war, of enormous change and progress. Thus we will see in what way this text announces the rise of absolutism (not in the same way that the Stuart's absolutism which was connected with Catholicism, but purely in its strict definition, that is to say a supremacy of the monarch in each matter) in the realm of England, and the supremacy of the Monarch, as much in political matters as in religious ones.

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