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Review of the work of Judith Butler

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  1. Introduction
  2. Dyson Adventure
    1. History and evolution of society
    2. Key
    3. Product
  3. The external market
    1. The model Pestel
    2. The five forces Porter
  4. The internal market
    1. Value Chains
    2. Strategic resources
    3. The ProDesign
    4. The BtoB market
    5. From a strategy of specialization in a strategy of differentiation from the top
  5. The SWOT
    1. Analysis of opportunities and threats of Dyson
    2. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of Dyson
  6. Conclusion

The book discussed in this document is built around three perspectives through which the author examines the work of philosophers, Adorno (Frankfurt School), Hegel, Nietzsche, Foucault, Levinas, Adriana Cavarero, psychoanalysts Lacan, Jean Laplanche, Winnicott, and Bollas. The author also analyzes two new metaphors of F. Kafka and Odradek. He presents the report in the context of such an activity? He questions the purpose and asks if violence and ethics arise from the assumption of universal standards that are imposed on the individual. Where does one lodge the responsibility of the subject, and on what basis and for what reason can it be done?

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