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Songs of Caged Birds: life and its ups and downs

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  1. Introduction
  2. Encouraging Maya not to stoop to the level of bad people
  3. The caged bird that sings loudest
  4. Trying times in Maya's life
  5. Conclusion
  6. Works cited

Maya Angelou's I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings is her first book dedicated to ?all the strong black birds of promise who defy the odds and gods and sing their songs.? The cage represents a life of racism, poverty, illiteracy and dysfunction. The black birds represent the certain people in the book who overcome these odds and still sing their songs. In this book, Angelou tells us stories of her dysfunctional family, her low self-esteem and her experience with rape and abuse. After all that she goes through, she still rises above this way of life and becomes someone great and successful. She still ?sings? even though her life is that of a ?caged bird.? In her novel, Angelou writes about herself and others that have risen above the odds to become quite remarkable people considering the resources and circumstances that they were afforded.

[...] This is another chapter in her life where she just picks herself up emotionally and physically and moves on. While staying with her mother again, Maya decides she needs a job. She wants to be a streetcar conductorette in San Francisco. She goes to the office to apply for the position where she is treated as if they did not want to bother to make the effort to accept her application, but Maya perseveres. She goes back to that office every single day until they hire her. [...]

[...] I'll take ten dollars as payment in full.? Momma always finds a way to strive to beat the odds that are against her, showing Maya and Bailey that they can survive through the most trying of times. Finally, the caged bird that sings loudest of all in this book is Maya Angelou. Maya is growing up in the Great Depression in Stamps, Arkansas, an extremely poor town where most black people are still performing slave- like jobs and her peers are all just as poor or poorer than she. [...]

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