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Civil Union and Same Sex Marriages

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  1. Introduction
  2. Civil union
  3. Same sex marriages
  4. Financial problem
  5. Legalizing same sex marriage
  6. Conclusion

Civil union is a form of marriage whereby people of the same sex vow to stay together. Sex marriage is a relationship between people of the same sex as seen in gays and lesbian communities. The first civil unions came to lime light in Vermont State in the year 2000. This was followed by legislation of civil union in Connecticut in 2005. Later on, in 2007, New Jersey and Hampshire legalized civil unions. In 2010, civil union law was passed in Illinois later becoming effective in 2011. Other states have followed suit and legalized civil unions. Sex marriages were legalized in January in 2013. Shockingly, nine states have implemented the law which translates to 15.7% of the entire US population (Andersen & Taylor, 2007).

In tradition system, marriage has been acknowledged as a relationship between a man and a woman. This kind of marriage instills the correct societal morals to its people. Marriage of the same sex erodes the societal morals. For instance, many sociologists believe that same marriages will expose the children to early sexual activities. From tradition perspective, marriage between a man and a woman enabled the society to progress since they are accorded respect. The respect was passed from generation to generations. In contrast, same sex marriage is viewed as unproductive form sexual madness being practiced in the name of civilization. It is important to note that the US is used by other countries as benchmark in everything it does. Biblically, procreation is essential for continuation of mankind. The civil union laws violate this Christian provision. This is because people in the same marriages have to seek sex outside their marriage for children (Hertz & Doskow, 2011).

[...] Legalizing same sex marriage will lead to social dysfunction. The value of civilization has crumbled the society which it was supposed to change positively. The Christian and Islamic teaching have been watered by legislation of these laws. Violence, drug abuse and suicidal cases have increased to cope with stress posed buy same sex marriages. Conclusively, it is true western education has affected the same society it was deemed to change. The legalization of same sex marriage relationship was reached due to continued pressure from lobby groups. [...]

[...] The civil union laws violate this Christian provision. This is because people in the same marriages have to seek sex outside their marriage for children (Hertz & Doskow, 2011). Another sociological force generating the controversy of same sex marriages are the mental health associated with it. Research asserts that exposure to negative debates associated with these marriages affects the couple health and well being. Such couples are ridiculed by their fellow citizens. They are seen as out pariahs living in their own world. [...]

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