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Critical critique of a paper on community development in social work

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  1. Introduction
  2. Wayne, Gregory Colomb and Joseph Williams
  3. Social work
  4. Critical critique of a paper on community development in social work
  5. Conclusion

In this article, the author, Rebecca Filliponi explains the similarities and differences in community work and social work, and how they affect the community by examining how they both integrate by using research tools, case studies and interviews. The author suggests that by doing this, a greater understanding is achieved in knowing the outcome of intervention by community work and social work with the community.
Wayne, Gregory Colomb and Joseph Williams suggest that the introduction should highlight the problem and the solutions proposed by the author. Rebecca Filliponi has done that by introducing the community work and social work having several similarities and differences as a problem, and using two research tools, four case studies, and interviews to find solutions. Rebecca is to be commended for using her sense of judgment by preserving the confidentiality of the persons in the interview by giving them false names, Julie and John to ensure they provide accurate information without the fear of exposing themselves (Booth, Gregory & Joseph, 1995)

On the issue of integration of social work and community development in practice, the author has identified issues that hinder the effective occurrence of being supported by organizations, workers and professional bodies. Rebecca makes us understand these four issues by tackling them one after the other. These issues discussed by the author include the difference in values and approaches, community development workers and social workers do not understand the role of each other's profession, a difference in importance placed on professional qualifications and the two professions do not want to be associated with each other (Filliponi, n. d).

[...] Critical critique of a paper on community development in social work Abstract Rebecca Filliponi suggests that there are differences and similarities between community work and social work. Although there are stark differences materializing in some cases, there are also ways to view their similarities and how they integrate together to solve problems in the community. The author shows the differences and similarities that are occurring by using interviews, two research tools and four case studies. Keywords: community, social, integrates, similarities, differences. [...]

[...] Coulton, C. (2005). Place of Community in Social Work Practice Research: Conceptual and Methodological developments' Social Work Research 73-87 Filliponi, R. (n. d). Integrating social work and community development? An analysis of their similarities and differences and the effect on practice. South Africa: Monash University Caulfield Campus Mendes, P. (2003). Community Development and Social Work: Are they compatible? [...]

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