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Study and analysis of the limits of bicameralism in France

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The establishment of a bicameral parliament has not always been held in France. In the early years of the revolution of 1789, the first parliaments were all composed of a single room, but the terror and the excesses of the National Convention have served to push the practice of a single chamber parliament, which will explain that the Constitution of Year III adopted the bicameral system for the first time in France and this choice will carry subject to the exception of the Second Republic of 1848 will return to the single chamber by connection to the republican tradition of the First Republic.

The fact remains that France since 1795 has steadily established a bicameral parliament, with up to during the German occupation with the Vichy regime. The Fourth Republic has nevertheless failed to break with the practice since the first draft constitution put in place a single chamber. Section 24 of the French Constitution of 1958 defines the bicameral nature and role of the French Parliament; in fact that article 24 provides that "Parliament shall by law. It controls the action of the government.

It evaluates public policy. It includes the National Assembly and the Senate. ?The Parliament of the 5th Republic is bicameral given the presence of two rooms. The Constitution of the Fifth Republic establishes a bicameral system in which it coexist a National Assembly, elected by direct universal suffrage and representative citizens, and a Senate elected by indirect universal suffrage representing the local authorities of the Republic.

Tags: National Convention, Constitution of the Fifth Republic

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