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Alterglobalisation: "Another world is possible?"

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The roots and ideas of alter globalisation.
    1. Who are they?
    2. What they want?
  3. Organization and actions.
    1. Seattle, Davos and Genoa: The first actions of the alternative movement.
    2. The creation of its own meeting: The World Social Forum.
  4. Criticisms and the future.
    1. Criticisms.
    2. The future.
  5. Bibliography.

In the mid-eighties there were huge criticisms caused by the liberal policy carried out both by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. There were, especially in the United Kingdom, a lot of strikes and manifestations against the neo-liberalism. However, Margaret Thatcher, answering to an interview about these criticisms, asserted: ?There is no alternative.? By these words, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom claimed that liberalism, a political doctrine ?favouring individual liberty, free trade, and moderate reform? (, was the only political doctrine able to lead the countries and their economies. We can think that this sentence was said in a particular context in the eighties since at that time the Soviet Union (and communism) was still an enemy. Yet one decade later most of the developed countries economies are ruled by this kind of economy. Furthermore the main international institutions have applied neo-liberalism to the developing countries through the ?Washington consensus?, which is a set of ten commands such as the liberalization of the market, the liberalisation of the financial market, privatizations and deregulation?As a consequence all the economies around the world are ruled by liberalism, and the phenomenon of globalisation has emerged from it. What is globalisation? It is hard to give a unique and complete definition because it is a very versatile word. I would like to concentrate on a more economical one: according to the Encyclopaedia Wikipedia ( wiki/Globalisation), globalisation means a huge freedom of trade, increasing commercial and industrial links between the different parts of the world, a loss of sovereignty for the State concerning its economy and the spread of capitalism.

[...] That is why the proponents of the alternative movement are highly critical towards the IMF, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization (WTO) because of their support to neo-liberalism. According to the leader of ATTAC, the alternative movement does not want to play a troublemaker role only, or be an ?itching powder? for the ruling parties. They want to be a ?human emancipation? movement. They want to settle a new global order; that is why the slogan of the entire movement is now ?Another world is possible?. [...]

[...] The slogans during those demonstrations were for example: Shut it down! Capitalism? No thanks! WTO? No! WTO? The first big mobilization was on June, 18th 1999 in some cities around the world. The protest in Eugene, Oregon, USA turned into a mini-riot because of local anarchists. The second mobilization was huge and known as N30 for November, 30th 1999 in Seattle. The demonstrations were aimed to block the entrance of the delegates of the WTO. Two marches were organised and a lot of incidents with the Police. [...]

[...] The neo- liberal strategy is made up of three points: weakening the trade-unions of the developed world by reducing the size of the companies and by delocalizing the units of products; making profits soar by reducing the wage bill; and pretending to help the South by settling units of productions. This view of History is for a lot of historians and a lot of people quite disputable and asserts that the current poverty in the world is intentional and provoked on purpose. [...]

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