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Applying ethical theory : utilitarian theories

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  1. What is moral and what is not moral has been debated for centuries by philosophers
  2. Utilitarianism happens to be a normative theory, which does place the locus of wrong and right on the consequences for choosing one action over other actions
  3. As a normative arrangement that provide a standard through which a person should act and through which the existing society's practices
  4. Practice could have had outcomes, leading to loss of trustworthiness as well as security
  5. These problems are common among almost every normative ethical theory due to the fact that most of these theories recognize the consequences of a particular action as being ethical considerations that are ethical

What is moral and what is not moral has been debated for centuries by philosophers. A lot of people come to find that it happens to be much complicated than simply being kind. Despite the fact that each individual leads a different journey from the others, being ethical has much to do with self-discovery as well as one's role within the society. For a person to be truly ethical, one has to consider the meaning of goodness to him/herself. Is it happiness for oneself or for others too? Utilitarianism guides individuals to do what brings happiness to them at the end, however, is it ethical that others can be hurt for the sake of an individual to find happiness?

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