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Approaching Alexis de Tocqueville's Democratic Poetry: The French strenuous perusing of Democracy in America

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  1. An ambiguous project by an unclassifiable author
  2. The declining relevance of Democracy in America and its misinterpretation
  3. Tocqueville's inopportune truths

"Mr. de Tocqueville, let us have a chat", King Louis-Philippe would say, "I want you to tell me a bit about America". This conversation between the French with Alexis de Tocqueville about America and Democracy is more than 170 years old but still seems to whet the interest of French scholars, philosophers, intellectuals and citizens. In the past decades, Tocqueville has even acquired the status of the historical figure, archetype and is lauded as the "outstanding pioneer of Democratic Liberalism in France", widely known and respected. In the present day, the French celebrate anniversaries of his birth, publications and death, quote him in government meetings, and professors of Political Science, Philosophy, Political Theory or Sociology in all schools frequently refer to his work in their classes.

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