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Chivalry: Arisen from the dead or buried for good?

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  1. Abstract.
  2. Introduction.
  3. Methodology.
    1. Participants.
    2. Procedure.
    3. Results.
  4. Discussion.
    1. Statement of hypothesis and purpose.
    2. Statement of results.
    3. Exploration of concluded results.
    4. Explanation of study / how it compares to other studies.
  5. Conclusion.

The purpose of this research is to answer whether or not men on the UCSB campus conform to society's traits of being a gentleman. When we are young, theories of etiquette and manners are instilled in us. Many of us grow up and continue to be courteous and show people kindness as a sign of respect. However sometimes when I look around campus I do not see people following the basics of etiquette. In particular, I hear many women repeating that chivalry is dead while men fail to hold open doors for women, spit on the ground, and don't bother to remove their baseball caps while indoors. Theodore Roosevelt once quoted that ?Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage,? and with over 21,082 students enrolled at UCSB, 45.8% are men. Women on campus have the upper hand, making up 54.8% of the campus. Being recognized as a party school UCSB is also known for Isla Vista, a community of students densely packed near the beach.

[...] My initial guess was that males still displayed etiquette according to the rules and guidelines of being a gentleman as compared to the secondary research sources Statement of Results Results indicate that not all men are gentleman, and the only time they are gentleman is when they are in heavily populated areas or when they are required to do so for holidays such as Mother's day Exploration of Concluded Results From the results stated, it can be concluded that chivalry is slowly fading from our society. [...]

[...] As I could not go on multiple dinner dates with subjects or do any rules the group saw as outdated traditions, the selection was narrowed down to these three rules: holding doors open for women, buying flowers for women (because Mother's Day was approaching), and giving a woman, child, or elderly a seat on the bus (as I rode the bus everyday at 9am) Procedure The first field study involved observing male students leaving class during passing period for thirty minutes. [...]

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