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Death penalty in Texas

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  1. Overview on the death penalty in Texas
    1. Some facts and statistics
    2. History of the death penalty in Texas
  2. Major problems at every stage of a capital case
    1. Official misconduct at the prosecuting stage
    2. Frequent incompetent representation during the trial
    3. Clemency in Texas: the 'ghost' of the death penalty system
  3. Texas' abuses in other thematic issues
    1. Racism in deciding who should die
    2. Geographical factors influencing the decision to give the death penalty
    3. No mercy for child offenders

Gary Graham, Delma Banks, Odell Barnes, Napoleon Beazley, Darlie Lynn Routier these are the names of people who have been executed by the state of Texas. I was surprised to realize that on the total number of cases that we were presented, Texas was often the "killing state? at stake. It became a ritual to say in our class that no one should ever get in trouble in Texas, because this is a state that usually does not forgive. Moreover, studying Karla Faye Tucker's case gave me the opportunity to understand the death penalty system in Texas.

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