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Descartes' meditation : existence of God

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  1. Causal argument of the existence of God
  2. Ontological argument of the existence of God

In building his knowledge edifice Descartes makes use of two arguments for God's existence. It happens to be a good paradox thing that he could try proofs of God's existence. He assumes two proofs. This paper is an evaluation of the proofs of the existence of God that have been Argued by Descartes.

[...] Descartes' approach is not quite perfect. The problem is the manner in which errors are to be avoided. If he can make an error in judgement simply because he has chosen to believe things in the absence of sufficient evidence, how the will he be able to keep his sinful will under control? Another thing is the measure for sufficient evidence required to judge an idea to be true in fact? Descartes has not explained how such sufficiency could be measured. [...]

[...] This paper is an evaluation of the proofs of the existence of God that have been Argued by Descartes. Causal Argument of the existence of God Within his first meditation, Descartes suggestions an argument with which he does hope will demonstrate that God happens to be the source of entire perfection. It may perhaps be labeled as causal, as well as its form does appear within the Augustin's Neo- Platonic reason. Despite the fact that Descartes does recognize him to be a being that is imperfect, he has an ability to entertain God's idea as a perfect existence. [...]

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