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How does Hobbes's particular view of science structure his dark vision of the human nature and his claim that it leads to the state of war, and hence the need for a sovereign ?

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  1. Are men tending to live in a State of War ?
  2. About the necessity of a social contract giving power to an absolute sovereign

Published in 1651, Hobbes's Leviathan constitutes a political reflection about how to establish an ordered society. In the background of British civil war, Hobbes looks for a political response to disorders which enable the building off a lasting peace. Fascinated by geometry that he considers a gift from God, he thinks that science tells the truth. Thus he aims to apply a scientific method to social behavior in order to erect real political science. Hobbes distinguishes two kinds of knowledge which he calls prudential knowledge and true science. Prudential knowledge is built up from men's experiences. It rests on their memories, and their imagination raised by sense.

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