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Marx, Nietzsche, Freud

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  1. Marx's answer to the men's consciousness-old question of the purpose of life
  2. Nietzsche's answer to the men's consciousness-old question of the purpose of life
  3. Freud's answer to the men's consciousness-old question of the purpose of life

Marx, Nietzsche and Freud are three German thinkers who lived during different epochs, the eldest was born in 1818 and the youngest died in 1939. As very different as they are, one is an economical and political theoretician, one is a philosopher, one is a doctor, they can however be seen as similar to the extent that they raise doubt about the most secure values and institutions that have been prevailing in the society for ages. This is the reason why the French philosopher Paul Ricoeur gave their work the grouping characterization of 'hermeneutics of suspicion'. With different purposes and different ways of approach, each of these authors assume that the obligation between consciousness and its world is structured by something hidden that is not immediately obvious. Marx, Nietzsche and Freud strived to reveal these ignored objectives. My essay will emphasize on how the three authors find an explanation for: why is there this society which arose after mankind's development and which is still for many of us a big question mark as for its reasons and its origins? While paying attention consecutively to how each author attacks the main 'truths' that is to say, in my essay, religion, politics, the organization of society and the individual's action, I will show the links that exist between their theories, and how they have the same dynamics of revealing the shadowed side of things.

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