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Moral Habits: Aristotle & Immanuel Kant

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  1. A call came into the fire station today that seemed like every other call, possibly a false alarm, but they approached it is the real thing like always.
  2. The soul of a plant does not exceed the vegetative state that fulfills basic survival needs.
  3. All humans need to have morals that govern their rationality in order to be happy; to determine this we must look at the individual acts.
  4. It is the discovery of this balance that allows us to develop a sense of what to do in the future.
  5. There was no time for Carl to actually stop think about all this, so it is a good thing that he has already mastered moral excellence in this area.
  6. Not only does a moral decision need to be made, but it needs to be made for the right reasons.
  7. The only acts that are truly moral are ones that are contrived solely on moral obligation.
  8. Carl has spent years training to be a firefighter who rescues people without considering the possible consequences.
  9. In my opinion, there is no way a person could ever master every aspect of ?moral excellence.?
  10. Something should be said for a person would chooses to be moral for the simply reason that it is right.
  11. Carl made a rational, subconscious decision to enter the house, despite the factors, and complete an extraordinary task.

People often feel a calling to certain fields because they have an innate sense for it. Sometimes the required characteristics need to be learned, other times they are a result of contemplation in regards to each individual situation. But, what makes them moral? Carl has been a firefighter in Stoneham, Mass for eight years. He is a trusted member of the team that works out of the Stoneham station. When he was just a boy, Carl dreamt of being a fireman and riding in the trucks. As he aged, his desire to do to this became about more than just trucks. He wanted to help people. After he went through college and training to fight fires he realized that his dream could actually be accomplished. During the rigorous training and actual field rescues, helping people became his natural reaction. Now, when Carl sees a fire, his reaction is not to be scared but to stand-up to the challenge.

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