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Mucha’s Dream: A New Art for a New Nation

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  1. Introduction
  2. Religion as the force in Mucha's forming years
  3. The successful period of the early 1890's
  4. Escaping the frivolities of Paris society
  5. The Latin and Germanic peoples
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography

In 1790, with the beginning of the National Revival, the Czechs worked to create a Czech state, which required the forming of a national consciousness that did not hitherto exist. The Czech people fashioned this identity using legend and myth and largely by contrasting themselves with their Habsburg rulers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire as Slav rather than German. This caused them to turn rather to Russia for inspiration and to past figures, such as Jan Hus, and events to serve as models for Czech rebellion and independence.

Keywords: Alphonse Maria, Wilhelm Kray, panneaux décoratifs, Sarah Bernhardt, Serfdom in Russia, The Hotel Central, Art Nouveau buildings,St. Vitus cathedral

[...] one of the strongholds of the Hussite movement,[1] and he participated in the gymnastic and indoctrination exercises of the Society of Sokols, founded in 1862 as part of the pan-Slavic movement to educate the youth in national and democratic ideals.[2] Consequently, from his earliest years he was a fervent Czech and the images of Slavic folk art and costume would later become a recurring feature in his art. Religion, the other force in Mucha's forming years, gave him his first aesthetic experiences in the form of church ritual and music.[3] He sang as a choirboy at the Baroque cathedral of St. [...]

[...] Vitus cathedral The Hotel Central: one of the many famous Art Nouveau buildings in Prague The jewel of Art Nouveau in Prague: The Municipal House Bibliography ?Alphonse Maria Mucha.? Masonic Biographies. Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon Sept . ?Alphonse Mucha Biography: 1860-1939.? Artelino Art Auctions. 2001-2004 . Alphonse Mucha Lectures on Art. London: Academy Editions Alphonse Mucha: The Complete Graphic Works. Ed. Ann Bridges. Foreword Ji?í Mucha. (Marina Henderson, ?Women and Flowers? and Anna Dvo?ák, ?Illustrations for Books and Periodicals). New York: Harmony Books Ellridge, Arthur. Mucha: The Triumph of Art Nouveau. Paris: Terrail Faverman, Mark. ?Siren Song: The Art of Alphonse Mucha.? Art New England. [...]

[...] He also painted some portraits, including that of the actress Leslie Carter, decorated the German theater in New York, taught some art classes, and actually did quite a bit of religious painting for free at the request of Father Prout, who was trying to use Mucha's reputation to increase the influence of the Catholic Church.[17] Mucha finally found the support he needed in the Chicago millionaire and Slavophile Charles R. Crane in 1909. While Mucha was working in the boat house of his Massachusetts residence, Crane, with friend Woodrow Wilson, the future president, would visit the painter at work and listen to his panegyric on the destiny of the Slavic people.?[18] Perhaps this would be Mucha's greatest contribution to his homeland, that in his constant crusade he may have unknowingly influenced the man who would one day be deciding the fate of the Czech people and would help them to form an independent state. [...]

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