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Negative Portrayals of Heavy Metal Music

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  1. Introduction
  2. The music of death metal
  3. Mayhem: The Norwegian black metal band
  4. The three boys who fit the profile of would-be pseudo satanic black magic practitioners
  5. Conclusion
  6. Works cited

In today's world, the entertainment industry is one of the most prominent enterprises in the developed world, if not one of the top money makers. In fact, music sales alone have been a massive source of revenue, even regardless of the hits it has taken because of music piracy. Music, however, was of course around before it was recorded, or even before it was written, and it is one of the oldest of the arts.

[...] While taste is subjective, to assert that any kind of music does not have value is similar to saying that Picasso just drew jumbled shaped. Death and black metal often draw musical influences from what people would describe as ?cultured? music. The use of neoclassical elements in this music is used to further it, and not to parody the music of the past. It simply could not parody it at all, simply because it takes years of intense study and practice to even become slightly adept at classical music. [...]

[...] In ?Choosing Death: The Improbable history of Death Metal and Grindcore? The bassist and frontman for Carcass, Jeff Walker, explains : the surface, it was all these death metal lyrics and it was clichéd, but it was funny, and I suddenly just stopped being a miserable bastard and wised up to the fact that you don't have to be serious all time with the lyrics.? In fact, it seems very hard to take any death metal lyrics seriously, even without that context. [...]

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