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The Importance of the Resurrection in Preaching in the Early Church

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Early Church
  3. A Look at the Bible
    1. With a clear understanding of the context of the early church established, it is now possible to consider the importance of the Resurrection as examined in the Bible.
    2. Paul also provides a definitive explication of the meaning of a life lived though Christian faith.
  4. Conclusion

The modern church is a model of both divinity and spirituality. Although many laymen assume that the church existed in this state from the beginning, the reality is that the early church consisted of only a few individuals interested in spreading the Word of God to their neighbors. There were no buildings in which to worship. There were no congregations of hundreds praying together in unison. Rather the early church consisted of nothing more than the apostles and their eagerness to teach others what Jesus had taught them.With the realization that spreading the Word of God represented such a daunting challenge for the apostles, one cannot help but wonder how these men were able to accomplish such an overwhelming feat, brining Christianity to the masses. Examining the historical accounts of the early church and the preaching of the apostles, it is evident that the Resurrection is one of the central tents of the early church. Using this as a basis for investigation, this research seeks to understand the importance of the Resurrection in the preaching of the early church. Through a careful consideration of both historical accounts of the early church and a review of the importance of the Resurrection in the Bible, it will be possible to demonstrate that the Resurrection of Christ is the defining event in Christianity, setting this religion apart from all others.

[...] Davies (1962) supports this proposition noting that preaching in the early church focused on the Resurrection because of its relationship to the World of God. Finally Filson (1956) notes that the use of the Resurrection provided the early church with a solid foundation for spreading the Word of God. According to this author, Old Testament receives its interpretation from a central event. Christian faith, worship, and thinking find their center and interpreting clue in that event? (p. 26). The New Testament, on the other hand, provides a more concrete picture of both God and his presence in daily life. [...]

[...] God sent his only son to die and resurrect as a symbol of his love for all mankind. In addition to noting the importance of the symbolism that is involved in the Resurrection, Paul also notes the implications of the Resurrection for mankind. we get included in Christ's sin-conquering death, we also get included in his life-saving resurrection? (Romans, 6:8). What this essentially demonstrates is that by accepting the Christian faith, the follower reaps a significant reward: the promise of Resurrection. [...]

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