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What exactly is the difference between act-utilitarianism and rule-utilitarianism? Can rule-utilitarianism succeed where act-utilitarianism fails?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Rule utilitarianism
    1. The principle of universalization
  3. Utilitarianism
    1. Creation of utilitarianism
    2. The first objection to act-utilitarianism
    3. Objections regarding the impractical approach in helping guide someone in making moral decision
    4. The requirement of impartiality
  4. Is rule utilitarianism is the perfect moral theory?
    1. Problems with rule-utilitarianism
  5. Conclusion
  6. Bibliography

According to the meaning we give to ?actions', we get two different theories under Utilitarianism. And there is a great debate between those two schools of utilitarianism about how exactly the individual utilitarian should make their moral decisions.
The choice for the individual is between the principles of act-utilitarianism, which tells that the rightness or wrongness of a single action is to be judged by the action's consequences, and those of rule-utilitarianism, which tells that the action should be judged by a set of established rules, which are designed to produce the best consequences.
In this essay I will first highlight the differences between act- and rule-utilitarianism, defining those two theories, before showing how they differ; then I will try to identify if rule utilitarianism can succeed where act- utilitarianism failed, identifying objections made to each of them

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