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Black Panthers

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Black Panthers?A Review of Ideology
    1. While the Black Panthers clearly recognized that African Americans had been marginalized in the context of the American political system, they also realized that there were other groups that were experiencing the same type of disenfranchisement.
  3. Black Panthers?Political Action
    1. Jennings' experiences with the Black Panther party clearly illustrate the more peaceable and humanitarian efforts that were undertaken by the organization.
  4. Synthesis of the Research
  5. Conclusion


Throughout the course of history, a number of different political groups have shaped the process of political discourse. Among the most notable are the Black Panthers. Established in the early years of the Civil Rights Movement, the Black Panthers worked to raise the American consciousness by bringing to light the racial politics that had for decades shaped political discourse in the United States. Through the work of the Black Panthers, America bore witness to the way in which the American government promulgated racial oppression.

With the realization that the Black Panthers were instrumental in elucidating the true nature of racial politics in the United States, there is a clear impetus to examine how this organization achieved these ends. To this end, this investigation considers what has been written about the Black Panthers and how their activities impacted the Civil Rights Movement and politics in America. Through a careful consideration of what has been written on this topic, a clear understanding of the critical importance of this group in shaping both political and social discourse will be elucidated.

[...] Jennings goes on to note that the Black Panthers used education as a primary means to influence and motivate members of the organization. Jennings notes that what the organization taught motivated her to live a life without drugs so that she could help others. Jennings' experiences with the Black Panther party clearly illustrate the more peaceable and humanitarian efforts that were undertaken by the organization. Although the Panthers were known for their militant style tactics when it came to the police, the organization had also developed a wide range of social programs that had a profound impact on the community. [...]

[...] This realization not only served to advance many of the causes that the Black Panthers supported, but also served as the basis for a profound change in how citizens viewed modern political institutions. Conclusion Unfortunately, the noble social programs that had been started by the Black Panthers were disrupted when the organization began to fall into disarray in the early 1970s. Internal politics in the organization coupled with outside pressure from political groups made it difficult for the Black Panthers to remain a cohesive organization. [...]

[...] Despite the violent cloud that overshadowed the organization, members of the Black Panthers were able to effectively develop the social support that they needed to have a positive affect on their image. By the late 1960s, the Black Panthers were able to garner the attention of the American public for the positive community programs that they started. Although the programs were created to primarily meet the needs of disadvantage African Americans, most of the Panther programs supported all in the community that had been in someway disenfranchised from the American political system. [...]

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