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China and Human rights

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?When China wakes up? was the work of Alain Peyrefitte, and today China has woken up. With an annual growth rate of 9%, the Popular Republic of China tends to become the super power of the 21st century. This prospect frightens the Western countries, who try to impose limits to China. Some illustrate this with the recent devaluation of the Yuan and the business of the Chinese textiles. My countries talk about the human rights abuses in China to show the difference between a growing nation, and a developed one.

However, contrary to what is known in the media, this country is not so hermetic with this legal philosophy. The Chinese legislation ensures certain rights to its citizens. This does not mean that there are no loopholes, or that the law is always respected. But this is a problem exists around the world, and not just in China.

Inspired by principles of Judeo-Christian philosophy: Although human rights are independent of the religious phenomenon they are undeniably inspired by the Judeo-Christian tradition. Indeed, the principle of human dignity, which is ultimately the stumbling block of the rights is recognized by the major classical texts, and is directly derived from the Christian religion. Thus Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas are "religious thinkers" and also the "founding fathers" of our human rights.

We can easily conceive the problem faced by China in its right to receive, especially in the legal practice: the Human Rights. Indeed, despite the presence of the Jesuits in China, in 1582, the rate of evangelism is still very low, due to barriers of language and dialects, making it difficult or impossible, for the spread of Judeo-Christian principles governing human rights.

Tags: Chinese textiles, Chinese legislation, Judeo-Christian philosophy

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