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Equality of the soul

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  1. Introduction
  2. Bringing people into the religion
  3. Harriet Wilson
  4. Reading the Bible
  5. Mrs. Bellmont
  6. Conclusion
  7. Works cited

Religion is often seen as a way of civilizing the foreign, or different, and making them on near equal terms. Examples are visible throughout history, such as with the Romans conquering foreign lands and making the conquered worship their gods to allow the captured to feel a part of the Roman Empire. During the Crusades, Christians conquered the lands in the Middle East, making all the Muslims convert and give up their ?savage? practices.

[...] Bellmont truly believed she had no soul, then there should have been no harm in allowing Frado to attend these meetings, because someone without a soul would not be affected by the teachings of Christ. The meetings were at night after Frado had completed all the chores for the day, so it would have caused no defect in her abilities as a servant of the household. It is always possible that Mrs. Bellmont truly did not believe Frado's body contained a soul. [...]

[...] when the existence of the soul ceases, people treat those without one unequally. In the novel Our Nig, the Bellmont's adopt Frado to be an indentured servant to take care of the household chores. Mrs. Bellmont cruelly raises Frado in attempt to demean her and to lower her to a soulless automaton that does what is required of it, but nothing more. Frado, subjected to malicious beatings, finally has several breakdowns in the barn asking, why was I made? Why can't I die? [...]

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