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Essay on Christ in Majesty

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  1. Introduction
  2. Byzantine in nature
  3. The juxtaposition of both curvilinear lines and straight lines
  4. The meaning of the painting
  5. Transfiguration of Jesus
  6. Interesting similarity and biblical references
  7. Conclusion

As one walks through the medieval gallery in the Museum of Fine Arts, the prevalence and emotion of the religious artwork is profound. But, it is not until one walks into an indiscreet open doorway that one sees the grandiose work that is the apse fresco from Santa Maria de Mur. Christ in Majesty (Accession number 51.7), as it is entitled, certainly lives up to its name.

[...] There is also a hint of ancient Greek art in the Christ in Majesty fresco. The use of geometric designs is characteristic of Minoan art in particular. There is the dividing line between Christ and the apostles is an intricate geometric pattern, resembling an unending maze and the design that separates the apostles from the lower band of characters which looks like a twisted ribbon. Also the patterns above the windows of the fresco are geometric. These geometric designs lend a sense of repetition [...]

[...] The Christ in Majesty fresco can be stylistically compared to the Transfiguration of Jesus, an apse in the Church of the Virgin in Mount Sinai, Egypt. Jesus is the central figure, housed within a mandorla, and five significant Biblical figures surround him in a symmetric manner in the Transfiguration of Jesus; likewise, in the Christ in Majesty, Jesus is surrounded by the four signs of the Evangelists, Mathew and Mark on His right and Luke and John on His left. [...]

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