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“In twenty years’ time, nobody will write letters”

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  1. Introduction
  2. Despite technical advances, some traditions may continue
  3. Conclusion

The advance of technology is more and more progressing. We use less paper and pen to communicate; these tools have been replaced by new technologies such as SMS or email. We can ask ourselves if in twenty years we will write letters. We'll see in the first part the advanced techniques which make put off the handwritten methods, and then in a second part we will see that the traditions can continue.

In the twentieth century, the technology did not stop making progress. The increase of smartphones is one of factors which caused the decline of any forms of written letters. The correspondence gets lost. People write less, are telephoned, send e-mails, see each other, speak to each other on the social networks, but don't write letters any more or then not spontaneously.

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