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Socialism and Islam

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  1. Preface
  2. Abstract
  3. Summary
  4. Introduction
  5. Socialism
  6. Rise and development of socialism
    1. Socialist evolutionary theory
    2. Natural laws
    3. Individualism
    4. Laissez faire
    5. Capitalism
    6. Socialism
  7. Aim of socialism
    1. Collective control
    2. Equalization of wealth
  8. Islam
    1. Definition
    2. Freedom of thought and action
    3. Golden mean
    4. Fair and equitable distribution of wealth
  9. Analysis
    1. Points of difference
    2. Private ownership
    3. Freedom of man
    4. Man's nature
  10. Implications of Islamic socialism
  11. Conclusion

Socialism is the term used in many countries. This word has come from the word society. Some Muslims think that the Socialism is fundamentally the same as Islam. They say it is just another name of social justice. They have this opinion on the basis of the fact that: it stands for the responsibility of the state to provide the basic needs of citizens and so, they say, it can not be opposed to Islam. This is their contention. But great Muslims scholars say that it is totally wrong to say that Socialism is the same as Islam. In the history of Muslims scholars there were so many personalities who proved the fact that: Islam is totally different from Socialism.

In this assignment I have tried my best to prove the fact that Islam is not as Socialism .I have given many references from the Holy Quran and from the life of the Holy prophet (PBUH) to prove this concept.

[...] There has been focused on Islam and different aspects of Islam in this report. Then an analysis has been given in this project report. Different references from the HOLY QURAN and from the life of the HOLY POHPIT (PBUH) have been included in this work. After that a comparison has been made to show the difference between the two subjects. Different theories presented by different socialists are also subject study of this report. This report sums up stating that we should take part in the studies like those explaining code of life in different societies and religions. [...]

[...] Islam and Socialism are poles apart and diametrically opposed to each other in their ideologies and beliefs. Islamic Socialism is no other than socialism itself, for it believes in nationalization of private property and in crushing the individuality of man and is therefore contrary to Islamic principles. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS For me it was a great pleasure having opted for the topic: Socialism and Islam. I am very grateful to Sir Professor M.Nawab Khan for allowing me to choose this topic. I am also grateful to the sir for helping and guiding me regarding this topic. [...]

[...] UNITY OF GOD Islam believes in Unity of God to express itself in the unity of man while the slogan of Socialism is to banish God from the Heavens and the capitalists from the earth. xii HEAD OF ISLAMIC STATE The head of Islamic state is the vicegerent of God to enforce His laws and enjoys no prerogatives of a despotic monarch nor is he a dictator .Socialism is all powerful totalitarian state and the dictatorship of the proletariat. IMPLICATIONS OF ISLAMIC SOCIALISM PROPHIT (PBUH)'S ADDRESS people! [...]

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