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Bajan dialect

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  1. What is behind bajan dialect
    1. Definitions of key words
    2. Fom the past
    3. To nowadays
  2. How to speak Bajan
    1. The main rules : Pronunciation and Tenses
    2. Other noteable patterns
    3. Focus on popular Bajan proverbs
  3. Bajan in daily life
    1. The inevitable daily Bajan radio Comedian
    2. Bajan Dialect uses in so many situations
  4. Conclusion

Barbados is a small Caribbean country situated in the East of the West-Indies Archipelago. The capital is Bridgetown. In the administrative side, Barbados is divided into 11 'parishes' and has about 270,000 inhabitants. Historically speaking, Barbados was colonized by Great Britain, in 1625. So, English became 'de facto', the official language, even if it has never been proclaimed in a law or in the Constitution. But a great majority of the inhabitants speak the Barbadian Creole, an English-West African 'mixture' called 'Bajan'. In fact, nothing would prevent Barbados from being equipped with two official languages, English and Bajan. This report will examine Bajan dialect in terms of implementation, linguistic components and will also describe the development of Barbadian culture which is connected to this dialect. We will also answer the question : Is Bajan bad English which should be eliminated or is it a language which needs to be preserved?

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