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Language evolution: Anthropology

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The beginning of the evolution of language in America.
  3. Change in today's world languages.
  4. The English language today.
  5. Conclusion.

Its tops, it's the queens square, it's fabulous, it's cool, it's off the hook. All of these phrases mean the same thing, ?It's great?. This is one of many phrases that have taken the twists and turns of the ages through our youth. Throughout history human language continues to evolve and change becoming more or sometimes even less, descript along the way. Our form of communication here in the United States has gone from defining a basic form for communicating with each other to a way to define who or what a person is or has become as a factor of his/her environment, status in society, degree of education and now days even his/her affiliation with other social groups such as gangs. Language has become fluid in its evolution, ever changing with the tides of change within our world. Due to the fact that language has become ever changing it has also become a barrier of sorts between classes in society, age groups and even within the family unit. Parents often struggle to keep up with the latest slang in order to keep abreast of what their children's interests are or to ward off potential problems. There are a number of factors that come into play such as culture, society changes and even, to some degree gender. The question now becomes, that though our language is becoming more heavily laden with description for what can be perceived as better communication, it is also becoming a barrier to communication at the same time. This could be seen as the ultimate case of two ideas canceling each other out. Are we better or worse off in the case of this development as a society? The answer is yes and no as one might expect.

[...] The problem with this type of thought pattern is that with the invention of a language all their own, the youth of today are also driving a wedge between themselves and their parents in the way of communication. Yes they have developed their own way of communicating however they, the youth, are not teaching this new form of communication to their parents thus opening a wide space of non-communication between themselves and their parents. In the interest of showing the wide changes in communication within the age differences, we sent a researcher to the Alderwood Mall food court to spend several hours on a Sunday afternoon. [...]

[...] Seemed to attempt to use language older woman did not understand friends of slang, obvious friends understood what was being said stand teens in line being loud and using only slang of teens by loud teens, ignored them completely Female Pre-teen With older group of Laughed at by teens, trying to older teens for speak the way they obvious wrong use were to slang. Teen laughed with them but corrected her language. Appendix 2 Interview Table 1 Becky yr old woman: Question Does it bother you to hear slang being used? [...]

[...] We are talking clear, adults just don't (expletive) listen.? Question Some people feel that younger people create a language of their own in order to fit in, what do you think for that idea? Answer don't have to fit in. We are just more creative.? Rachel yr old woman: Question Does it bother you to hear slang being used? Answer - I ignore Question Do you understand what they (the nearby teens) are saying? Answer ?Most of the time. I think sometimes kids are trying shock people and they don't even understand all of it themselves.? Question Do you feel that the way in which younger people talk changes a lot? [...]

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