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Native English speakers of the world

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  1. 430 million people in the world
  2. One condition to immigrate to America or Britain, is being proficient in English
  3. For any material like books, movies and performances to get a global audience, must be translated into English for easier comprehension

Native speakers of English are approximately 430 million people in the world. However, the number of native and non-native speakers is approximated to be 2 billion people. English is the third largest language in terms of the number of speakers after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. In contrast, when the number of native and non ?native speakers are put together, it is the language with the highest number of speakers in the whole world.

[...] Thirdly, Professor David Crystal who is a linguist says that if one analysis the distribution of materials in different languages, the realization is that the materials that come from the two countries are distributed all over the world and many people access them. The other languages have not managed to distribute materials as widely as possible. This is because other languages are regional. Equally, even if they distribute the majority of the people may not be in a position to read them because they do not understand those languages. English is widely read and understood to an extent that any material in English can be read in any part of the world. [...]

[...] These increases the dominance of the English language and disadvantages other languages. Since language is culture, they are also forced by circumstances to learn the respective cultures. Because Britain and America enjoy relative democracy, peace, tranquility and stability, people tend to move there if their countries are not politically stable. For instance, when most some countries in the Middle East like Afghanistan and Iraq experienced political instability, many people moved to America and others to Britain because of insecurity. These people had to learn English in order to survive in these countries in employment and even education. [...]

[...] Knowledge of English can land one a job in the world. English is the language of Science and technology. The scientific world uses English for efficiency so that a Chinese scientist can easily communicate with a colleague from Iraq without any communication hitch (English Dominance in The World, 2012). English is the language of the culture of the people involved. All the people, including countries have cultures and its actors, performers and singers represent their culture, but the ones who gain global recognition are the ones who perform or articulate themselves in English. [...]

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