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Surf’s Up, Dude: Cowabunga

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  1. Introduction
  2. The word 'cowabunga'
  3. The catch phrase of Mike
  4. Its mainstream appeal on TMNT
  5. Conclusion
  6. Works cited

The mission lies before us: how are we, the American people, going to come together so that ?cowabunga? is reinvigorated into mainstream conversation. It was not too terribly long ago, maybe 15 years, that this delightfully lighthearted interjection tickled the ears of various pop-culture prone children. Yet, it seems that this wonderful English/Indian term has fallen off the tongues of many today. The word hit its stride in the 1980s and early ?90s. I fear that stride is long behind us, never to be heard from again. However, a select few, when this four syllable interjection reaches their ears, can still appreciate it.

[...] But, cowabunga need not only be used for sports events. Imagine the joy other restauranteurs would have if they heard the interjection by a woman after she has just ben proposed to. I mean look how these two situations compare. Example Man: ?Will you marry Woman: (audience politely claps and goes about with their meals). Example Man: ?Will you marry Woman: Cowabunga! (audience gives standing ovation, and in the excitement everyone else spontaneously proposes to each other). This is how my parents met, and they are still happily married. [...]

[...] It has been very well-noted that surfers adopted the word as their own. It's almost too easy to envision the standard lean, muscle-clad, beach-blonde stereotypical surfer-dude catching a major wave while yelling ?Cowabunga, in a voice similar to Keanu Reeves' in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. As these surfers and Hollywood both resided in Hollywood, perhaps they made contact and exchanged some culture. Nevertheless, these sources, none too serious themselves, simply goes to prove that he word cannot be taken too seriously as well. [...]

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