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A Common Tongue: A Bit About Dialects in a Language

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  1. Introduftion
  2. Linguists according to a PBS article
  3. Ebonics: The 'black speech'
  4. Dr. Taylor the many forms of dialect
  5. Conclusion
  6. Works cited

Dialect is a variety of language used by people from a particular geographic area. This language is a complete system of verbal communication with its own vocabulary and grammar (?Dialect?).In America today, the common language is English. But what does English mean? While Standard English is still the most commonly accepted language, there are many dialects within the English language. There exists American English, British English, and Indian English (?Dialect?). Within American English, there exists southern English, northeastern English, Californian English, and even Hoosier English. So, if in American there is a large amount of dialects throughout the country, how is each dialect to communicate with the others?

[...] Linguists, according to a PBS article entitled You Speak American?? know that language variety does not correlate with intelligence or competence. There are popular associations of certain varieties or English with professional and intellectual competence that run deep in society. The fact that some varieties of a language are more standard than others is a product of social facts. Higher-status groups impose behavior, including language, on others You Speak American??). The truth is that regardless of what one speaks, everyone speaks with some sort of a dialect even if it is a bland one. [...]

[...] Wolfram agreed, it is not about being a better or worse person; it is about how one presents himself to the world. The academic and business world has preconceived notions about what it means to be an educated person. These notions may not be entirely fair. Again though, a common dialect of Standard English is necessary for efficient communication in both the academic and business world. Works Cited ?Appalachian English.? Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia Nov 2006. ?Dialect.? Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia Nov 2006. [...]

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