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1984: George Orwell

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1984 is a modern classic that is based on a society where a government has the ability to control citizens' minds in order to maintain their power. I selected this book after I read Animal Farm. I had greatly enjoyed reading Animal Farm and thought that I would try reading another book from George Orwell. It takes place in London and around the year 1984, the exact date is not certain because no original records exist. When this book was written, the year 1984 was a futuristic date.

[...] Orwell created this world where nothing is private. Big Brother is constantly watching you. Orwell places emphasis on the society of that stability comes from unthinking people who accept all they hear, and who have unhindered enthusiasm. The result is a world where living conditions are very low because they have been made to believe that the conditions are actually improving. No revolution could ever take place because none of the three social groups Middle, and Low- could ever rebel. [...]

[...] He served as a police man for some time and also served as a volunteer soldier. In total, he wrote nine major books, two of which were non-fiction. He also wrote 700 essays and articles has been translated into 62 different languages. George Orwell also wrote Animal Farm, another deeply influential satire based on Stalin's Russia. It describes a journey to create a perfect society of equality, in which some animals take advantage of their naturally more capable minds to gain power and abuse their positions. [...]

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