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A Byzantine Novel Drosilla And Charikles

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  1. Introduction
  2. Drosilla and Charikles
  3. Mother and son: Getting what one wants
  4. The reunion
  5. Performing A Byzantine Novel Drosilla and Charikles
  6. Conclusion
  7. Works cited

The theme I select to examine in A Byzantine Novel Drosilla And Charikles, is the power of love. Love in the time of Drosilla and Charikles was an entirely different concept. Especially from what we are accustomed to today. Loving someone fifty years ago, isn't even close to how we love a person today. Theses differences have always fascinated people and continue to fascinate them today. The books The Notebook and A Byzantine Novel Drosilla And Charikles are about powerful first loves.

[...] Drosilla this time falls out of a carriage carrying her to Chagos empire, which frees her. Charikles is pardoned and freed when he explains to Chagos her fate. A prophetic dream for Drosilla leads to their reunion. When they are brought back together it is remarkable. The passion between them was like ivy to oak, they kissed each other gladly. They looked so hard to separate. That they gave Maryliss the impression that the two of them had become one body. [...]

[...] In there separation Charikles spend most of his time talking about Drosilla and crying for her. The first time Drosilla sees him again during their enslavement is in a meadow. Drosilla awakens to the sight of Charikles.?She remained silent for a long time a soul loving a beloved heart? (pg. 85). Sight of a beloved is breath taking, and heart stopping. The relationship between Drosilla and Charikles reminded me why I love medieval romances. The beauty of chivalrous love is striking. [...]

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