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A special education, learning to teach a disabled student

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  1. Introduction
  2. The challenge faced by the family
  3. A new comprehension of Charlotte
  4. The new challenges
  5. The role of parents
  6. Understanding the author
  7. Conclusion

A Special Education: One Family's Journey Through the Maze of Learning Disabilities is the author, Dana Buchman's explanation about how her family coped with having a child who suffered from severe learning and developmental disorders. It is a tremendously interesting look at the topic because the author is not coming from a medical background; she is not explaining these diseases as a secondary report. Buchman, completely unlearned about the nature of her daughters problems until she is diagnosed, had no prior experience with such disabilities.

[...] This was even more acute for Buchman, as every aspect of her daily life was consumed with caring for Charlotte. What Buchman is describing is a sense of loss; she loses her self-identity within Charlotte. A Special Education gains importance as a memoir because Buchman does not try to protect her own image. She is entirely honest in her description of her own life with her daughter, even when her behavior is less than flattering. Buchman feels constant anxiety about her ability to properly care for Charlotte. [...]

[...] Still, the student should be treated as any other, with the understanding that the teacher may have to devote special attention to the new challenges raised by a disabled student. The author is a highly achieved woman. She earned an Ivy League education and was personally and professional successful prior to the birth of Charlotte. She uses her personal accomplishments to juxtapose her initial difficulties with her daughter's problems. She explains that throughout her life she had been a challenged but had overcome any obstacle that stood in her way and always emerged with great success. [...]

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