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Book review of Undress me in the temple of heaven

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  1. Introduction
  2. Reading the book
  3. Gillman
  4. The best section of the book
  5. The impact of writing
  6. Conclusion

The author Susan and her Ivy League friend Claire declare to each other that they want to travel and experience the world as it is after graduation. Their idealism, youth, and naiveté meet head on with a Chinese culture not used to tourists or any Westerners at all. Claire and Susan are determined to have the adventure of their lifetime.

[...] The best section of the book was the visit to the Great Wall of China. At such a historic landmark and after a wild sequence of events, Susie goes out with a group of travelers to party at the Great Wall. The occasion is the birthday of a tattooed young man who constantly pulls down his pants to show a tattoo, almost as a pick-up line. It almost seems like the reader is a rider on the bus sipping a beer on the way to the Wall. [...]

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