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Detailed Study of Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte

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Jane Eyre is an orphan who has been sent to Gateshead, her uncle's house, early. Her uncle has died and her aunt Mrs. Reed hates her. She always punishes Jane Eyre even if it were her own children who had made a mistake. For example, one day, Jane was shut up in the 'red-room' (that is to say the room where Mr. Reed has died) and she was so scared that she had a fall. At the age of 10, Jane is sent to a charity school called Lowood, in Lowton, since she said that she would like to go to school. There, she is not as unhappy as she was in Gateshead, but life is not easy and is really monotonous, especially during winters. Moreover, she meets Helen Burns, who becomes her friend, as well as Miss Temple, one of their teachers who are very kind. Unfortunately, Helen dies from tuberculosis, as do many other pupils at Lowood. Eight years after the death of her friend and after two years as a teacher, Jane decides to travel, and to leave Lowood for another employment elsewhere. She thus advertises, and receives a positive answer from Mrs. Fairfax of Thornfield, near Millcote.

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