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A different mirror- book review

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  1. Introduction
  2. Multiculturalism
  3. Takaki
  4. Conclusion

The historical mirror can guide the living, helping them realize their past and present being. The book ?a different mirror' presents a view of America's many cultures through the eyes of the minority who migrated to America aiming at getting a better life, the immigrants later got short changed by slavery, discrimination and social hatred. The author Robert Takaki narrates his personal and other people's experiences in America during an era when immigration and multicultural growth was taking place. The author being from a minority group from Japan makes suggestions of how cultural diversity can be achieved in America, helping them work together.

The author explains the need for Americans to work towards choosing a different mirror where every American can identify with and help unite the fight against racism and ethnicity. Through telling their lives history, experiences and circumstances Americans can identify their self's in a shared past.

Multiculturalism began In Virginia shore; the different city's names are a show of America's ethnic diversity e.g. Los Angeles, San Antonio (Spanish) or Indian names like Iowa. Diverse ethnic groups have contributed to American economy, language, culture development. Americans have been viewed to be of European origin or as ?white' but however, multiculturalism is rapidly growing whereby most American citizens don't trace their origin from Europe. The political environment and procedures had not put in an allowance for cultural diversity education but adopted American culture as the ultimate culture leading to social unrest and racial crisis.

[...] Hundreds of educators have landed in Norfolk to analyse the requirement for increased curriculum cultural diversity. I agree with the author that the principle of equality should be broadly advocated since America is a multicultural state, and no race should be greater than the other since ?there is no us without them.' We don't need a distant mirror comparing the past with the present, but a different mirror that is here with us such that we can look into the mirror and see a difference in the society where Americans share a common history and therefore can aim to a collective, united future. [...]

[...] T. (1993). A different mirror: A history of American multicultural. Boston: Little, Brown & Co. [...]

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