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Education and gender bias in accounting - Literature Review

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  1. Gender biases in perception of judgments
  2. Gender stereotypes and workplace bias
  3. Parents Behaving Badly: Gender Biases in the Perception of Parental Alienating Behaviors (2012)
  4. A new method for performance evaluation of enterprise architecture using stereotypes
  5. Overall summary of state of knowledge of chosen research area

In a workplace, managers, employees, and other workers are faced with different situations that require critical thinking and involving decision-making. Interactions and people's behaviors influence their perception towards each other. For example, gender issues arise from these factors and this can influence the level of closeness amongst people or the type of treatments people receive from their colleagues. This chapter treats the perception and gender biases in a workplace by seeking to understand the relationship between these two concepts. This is a literature review intended to develop a clear perspective of the topic based on a number of journal articles.

[...] It is argued by many commentators that different incidents of unfair employment practices are boosted by the implications of gender bias. However, stereotypes have advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages of stereotypes include that it enables people to rapidly react to the current situation referring to the past similar situation that they may have incurred (Jakobsson, Levin and Kotsadam p.10). In contrast, the disadvantage of stereotypes is that it leads people to ignore their differences with other individuals (Cadinu and Galdi, 2012). This means that stereotypes push people to generalize others by thinking about them or things that might be true. [...]

[...] Management Science Letters, pp.2681-2690. Lacey, A. (2015). Gendered commodity chains: seeing women's work and households in global production. Gender, Place & Culture, pp.586- 588. Paustian-Underdahl, S., Walker, L. and Woehr, D. (2014). Gender and perceptions of leadership effectiveness: A meta-analysis of contextual moderators. Journal of Applied Psychology, pp.1129-1145. Samantha, C., Lisa, S. and David, J. (2014). Supplemental Material for Gender and Perceptions of Leadership Effectiveness: A Meta-Analysis of Contextual Moderators. [...]

[...] Journal of Family Psychology. Heilman, M. (2012). Gender stereotypes and workplace bias. Research in Organizational pp.113-135. Jakobsson, N., Levin, M. and Kotsadam, A. (2013). Gender and Overconfidence: Effects of Context, Gendered Stereotypes, and Peer Group. Advances in Applied Sociology, 03(02), pp.137-141. Khamseh, S., Sayyadi, F. and Yektaie, M. (2013). A new method for performance evaluation of enterprise architecture using streotypes. [...]

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