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Essay on Hemingway’s book: “The Sun Also Rises”

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The sun also rises is not a bitter satire.
    1. A chronicle of 'lost' characters.
    2. The satiric view is not the best one.
  3. The sun also rises as a tragedy.
    1. The core of the tragedy.
  4. Conclusion.
  5. Bilbiography.

Published in 1926, The sun also rises is considered as one of Hemingway's best novels. It depicts the circle of American expatriate writers living in Paris in the 20's. Through drinks, rides in Montparnasse, fiestas in Spain, the relationship between Brett and Jake and the remaining characters in the plot contributes to give a tragic side to the story, which is not a bitter satire, or just a shallow story as it may appear to be at first sight. The sun also rises is not a satire, though we could have could good reasons to think that way. Indeed, it is true that characters are grotesque, they characters of the plot even make fun of each other.

[...] To this regard, the last few sentences which make up for the end of the novel are even more tragic (and definitely convince the reader that The sun also rises is a tragedy) : Oh Jake we could have had such a damned good time together to which Jake replies yes, isn't pretty to think so The reader then wonders if the two characters are talking about the same thing Jake's answer seems so disconnected from reality : how can he think it is so pretty ? [...]

[...] Romero is also part of this very tragedy, though he stands on the other side of the stage not just as a viewer, he is a real actor on Brett's heart stage - he is the only one who manages to spend more than a night with Brett, furthermore he is the true love -at -first sight man in the whole book. Eventually, their relationship also broke up and, naturally, Brett goes back to Jake. Coming back more precisely to Brett and Jake relationship, the tragedy is ubiquitous, evidence of this is to be found almost on every page. [...]

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