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Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley

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  1. The atmosphere
  2. An anti-climax in the story
  3. New feeling

This passage corresponds to a climax in the narrative. It corresponds to the birth of the creature that Victor wanted to give life to. Victor is the narrator of this passage and he has just completed his creation after two years of work. This passage is a key moment in the story and corresponds to a big change in Victor's life. Firstly, we are going to speak of the atmosphere of the passage. We can start with the setting, which is a bleak atmosphere. For example, we see that the scene takes place at night, more precisely at one o'clock, when the monster comes to life. Moreover, the weather is very bad and it is raining. At the end of the passage, I quote: "The comfortless black sky" reflects the narrator's feeling in as he stands in front of the front of the creation. Many other elements create a feeling of impending doom stressed by the monstrous appearance of the creature.

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