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  1. Introduction
  2. Namesake
  3. History
    1. Humble beginnings
    2. The first few years
    3. The 1980s
    4. The 1990s
  4. Current
  5. Website
  6. Works cited

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting founder Jeff Cohen once said, ?If it's in the New York Times today, it was probably in Mother Jones six months ago? (4). Contrary to what one might believe, the staff at Mother Jones thoroughly enjoy their status as the magazine the media giants get their breaking stories from. They are happy to have their stories picked up and distributed around the globe, and have been for over thirty years, though the magazine itself has grown considerable from its humble beginnings in the mid-1970s. Through its impact on other media as well as through its own audience, Mother Jones ?seeks to inform and inspire a more just and democratic world? (4) and, for a magazine that has ?proudly called itself radical, muckraking, and counterculture? from the beginning, has been wildly successful (9).

[...] ?Doug Foster: moving Mother Jones into the Folio: the Magazine for Magazine Management 18.5 (May 1989): 47(2). Business and Company Resource Center Feb . Jacobson Newsday, Aileen. ??Mother' Dearest.? St. Louis Post-Dispatch 3 Jun. 2001: B3. ProQuest. Emerson College Lib., Boston, MA Feb . Kaplan, Michael. pariah factor: Mother Jones, High Times, Poz, and Soldier of Fortune find advertisers despite concerns over content.? Folio: the Magazine for Magazine Management 24.20 (15 Nov. 1995): 60(3). Business and Company Resource Center. Emerson College Lib., Boston, MA Feb . [...]

[...] Fost, Dan. ?Regaining its MOJO: Mother Jones magazine going strong after 25 years.? San Francisco Chronicle 19 Apr. 2001: B1. ProQuest. Emerson College Lib., Boston, MA Feb . Foundation for National Progress.? Hoovers. Emerson College Lib., Boston, MA Feb . Gorn, Elliot J. ?Mother Jones: The Woman.? Mother Jones May/June Jan . Granatstein, Lisa. ?MoJo's Reality Check.? MEDIAWEEK 8 June 1998. LexisNexis Academic. Emerson College Lib., Boston, MA Feb . Hochschild, Adam. First 25 Years.? Mother Jones May/June Jan . [...]

[...] Klein returned in 1992 after a ten-year absence, but by 1993 circulation was only up to 115,000 The main problem, acknowledged Jay Harris, who became publisher in 1991, was that all the about the magazine had died away because the stories had developed a ?predictable quality? ?Every time you opened the magazine,? said writer Stan Sesser, you felt you already knew what was going to be in Mother Jones had gotten ?stamped as this vintage- seventies left-wing said Harris perception,? he continued, that this magazine is for over-the-hill baby boomers? In an attempt to help change that image, Klein created the magazine's web presence, Mother Jones Interactive, in 1993, making Mother Jones the ?first general-interest [non-technology-based] magazine to publish on the Rechristened MoJo Wire? in 1995, the Web site succeeded in drawing new readers, especially the college and grad-school level,? to the magazine Additional, younger readers enabled the three-person sales staff to increase advertising sales targeted at that group; according to Harris, they were able to triple their music advertising and include bigger name record labels and more popular, contemporary bands Besides the low circulation, at 120,000 in 1995, Mother Jones had trouble selling space to mainstream advertisers because its ?readers [were] often perceived as too liberal and old to sell to [ . [...]

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